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 Along with Solid Snake and Liquid Snake, the enigmatic figure known as Solidus is also a product of the Les Enfants Terrible project designed to produce a super-soldier with the skills and abilities of Big Boss. Solidus was the final clone created by the project, unlike Solid and Liquid, Solidus is a perfect clone of Big Boss, holding all of his genetic and physical traits. All of the clones of the project were induced with accelerated aging into their DNA, and in Solidus' case this aging occurred a lot earlier in his life than it did in his brother Solid Snake's life.

He is rumored to have been deeply involved in the Liberian Civil Wars of the 1980's while he was still a teenager, during this war he was the leader of a unit made up of child soldiers, in which Raiden was one of his greatest protoges.

Solidus took the name George Sears and with the help of the shadowy organization known as The Patriots was elected as the 43rd president of the United States of America. Solidus was in presidentcy during the events of the shadow moses incident, were he was pulling the strings allowing Revovler Ocelot, Liquid Snake, Foxhound and the genome army to manipulate Solid Snake and many others in order to steal a Metal Gear Rex in order to wield it for thier doings. After Solid Snake helped in making the existence of the Metal Gear Rex and the genome army public The Patriots forced George Sears to leave office to curtail any further embarrassment. Seeing inevitable death by the hand of The

His hi tech suit

 Patriots, Solidus went underground into hiding.
While in hiding Solidus took command of the former Navy anti-terrorism group Dead Cell, now operating as a terrorist unit. Dead Cell was composed of Fatman (bomb expert), Vamp (wizard with knives), and Fortune ( lady luck). Years later Solidus resurfaced with Dead Cell along with Revolver Ocelot and Olga Gurlukovich they devised a plan to take over the Bigshell decontamination facility because of knowledge retained saying that the facility was actually a cover up for the creation of a new type of metal gear "battle station" known as Arsenal Gear. Solidus' reasons behind wanting to take control of this Arsenal gear were that he wanted to stop the oppression that was taking place by The Patriots. With the help of Arsenal Gear, the U.S President James Johnson (whom was originally willing to help aid Solidus, but later had a change of heart), Solidus sought out to launch a nuclear bomb into the earths atmosphere in order to create a electromagnetic pulse that would create a massive blackout in all of Manhattan cutting the city off from The Patriots. Solidus would then take his place as the dictator of Manhattan.
Solidus's plan never played out as he wished, Solid Snake (under his own command) and Raiden (who was a unwilling pawn of the Patriots) infiltrated the bigshell and stopped the bomb from being launched. During a climatic sword fight that took place ontop of the Federal Hall building in New York City, Solidus met his demise at the hands of Raiden.

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