Who could play Solid Snake?

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  I think Hugh Jackman could pull it off.

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He'd be great for younger Snake... but Old Snake has to be Clint Eastwood :)

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@NightFang said:
"  I think Hugh Jackman could pull it off.
That's Naked Snake/Big Boss 
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Hugh Jackman would be the sh** as Snake

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wow never thought about that. hugh jackman would be a great snake...

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I think Christian Bale has got the right frame for a young, MGS1 snake. I think Hugh Jackman would be better for a MGS2 Snake.
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Christian Bale could do it ...

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I thought that Bale was already in talks about taking on the role of Snake. he would be pretty good, he got the gruff voice for it and the build.
#9 Posted by Adrenelad (9 posts) - - Show Bio

What about David Hayter? He already looks like snake, plus he IS the voice.

#10 Posted by Nighthunter (29552 posts) - - Show Bio

Bale has expressed his interest in acting as Snake if an live action movie is ever made, would love that to happen

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anyone that can fit in a cardboard box
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no for hugh jackman yes for eric bana he is hell of an actor from his role as chopper to a SPY in munich i would rather see him

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nobody should attempt to play him.
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pliskin yes!!!!!!!!!....but I think david hayter could play snake he's got the features and the voice so why not?

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@Adrenelad: david hayter did not want to play snake in the movie for some reason, while he should by all means, christian bale i believe has been selected for snake or at least has said that he wants to.
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The thing is, fans are so used to the voice, so they would expect hayter, but at the same, i take back that he looks like snake, he doesn't really. The best solution is for the movie to be animated (with ashley wood's tone/manga style), or just like the game except only cutscenes, or use hugh jackman, but the whole movie has to be in cel-shaded graphics (kinda like the mirror's edge videogame or the team fortress 2 videogame) with david hayter VOICING OVER hugh jackman. By the way, I think that if they were to make  a Kingdom Come movie that it should be real time filming, with cel-shaded graphics put over it.

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I think bale or jackman could work. Are they still considering it?
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David Hayter actually has stated that he'd like the MGS movie to be animated so he could do the voice. He even submitted a script for it but it got turned down (FFFFUUUU)

I think Hugh Jackman is to big to play Snake. Solid Snake is more lean than muscly; I'd be A-OK with Bale.

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