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Zolf uses a special kind of alchemy: (in the 2003 anime) he changes the molucelair compositions of objects that causes the objects to explode in a chemical explosion. He uses his tatoos on his palms to use this technique. He can let organic and non-organic materials explode. Zolf can also use the normal form of alchemy.


Zolf also known as the Crimson Alchemist destroyed with some fellow alchemists the city Ishbal. Zolf used a philosopher's stone to strenghten his powers


During this war he used Alchemy to make his allies and his enemies living bombs. After the masacre in Ishbal he was locked in prison for his crimes. Later Lust and her allies wanted to use him as sacrifice, so they could make a philosopher's stone but he escaped by making another prisoner a bomb.

He is killed by the Homunculus Pride.

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