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In the military, Rick Anderson served under Captain James Norshark. On one particular mission, Norshark ordered a whole refugee camp to be eliminated, so he could sell U.S. military intel. The only member of the unit to refuse, was Anderson. Not wanting to let the crime go unpunished, Anderson had the rest of the team court marshalled. Norshark swore revenge on Anderson.

After the military, Anderson went to the Troy Bible Academy and Orphanage. There he met pastor Samuel Troy who trained him in Biblical studies. Becoming a pastor himself, Anderson founded the Fruit of Life Ministries in Philadelphia, hoping that by spreading the Word of God and Jesus on the streets, hecould put an end to gambling, drugs and prostitution. But the mob was heavily invested in these crimes and did not welcome Rick Anderson.

One night, while preaching on the streets, guns were fired in Anderson's vicinity. Among the dead were Anderson's wife and daughter. After the loss of his family, Anderson began to doubt himself and his ways to combat crime. Deacon Torchwood, Anderson's best friend, told him to keep his faith in God. Torchwood then took Anderson to a hidden room filled with high-tech electronics that can tap into government security systems. Anderson received the Shield of Faith, gadgets and the Soldier Priest costume, all designed and created by Torchwood himself. Torchwood explained to Anderson the innocent still need his help. Things need to change and Soldier Priest could be the answer to saving others like Anderson's wife and daughter.

Anderson decided to become Soldier Priest and defend innocents on the street.

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