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For Gold Key and Dark Horse publication of the character, please see Doctor Solar


Doctor Phil Seleski a physicist, is involved in an accident while testing a new fusion reactor that he designed. He tries to stop a meltdown by jumping into the reactor. It turns him into a being of pure energy. Able to control energy and since everything is made of energy he has the powers of a god but the mind of a man. Later he finds out he really designed a wish machine that went haywire and exploded because it's what he wished, to become Doctor Solar the childhood comic hero.


Jim Shooter brought back Solar for his new Valiant Comics line. Shooter was a fan of the original character but decided to focus on an aspect that wasn't a major issue in the original Gold Key comics, what it means to be a god. Solar became a major player in the Valiant line, including the Unity story arc. The first 10 issues each included a portion of Solar's origin story which was later reprinted in a single issue : Alpha & Omega.


Solar's powers are over energy as he is a being of pure energy. He can convert himself or other energy to matter and back again. His powers are limited by his mind's ability to think them up. He has split himself into more than one "being" so that he may stay on earth and search the universe at the same time. He can absorb a sun, and even bond with one. He has the ability to travel outside of space-time where reality doesn't exist. He does follow the laws of conservation as he can run low on energy. He recharges best with absorbing radiation forms of energy. The limits of his power was never found as he never was killed.

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