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Dutch assassin known as the Snow Queen In the streets of Madripoor meets a homeless kid who greedily steals the briefcase . A chase ensues until the Snow Queen grabs his friend , threatening her if he does give her the case, but truelly she did not wish to shoot them ,as she used to be a beggar and had some sympathy for him. Though Aldo ignores her request and takes off. The Snow Queen finding no use for her releases Rose.

While Rose calls for help, Wolverine comes , then joins the chase. Meanwhile, in hiding, Aldo opens up the case to discover cash, as well as a bomb and he has accidentally started the timer. Elsewhere, Wolverine catches up to the Snow Queen until she releases her mental powers on him, confusing his senses. But Wolverine recovers, he takes off to find out where Aldo is hiding.

While the Snow Queen finds Rose and makes her show her where Aldo is hiding. after finding Aldo at the abandoned building the chase ensues until they reach the roof where a fight breaks out between her and Wolverine, who has just arrived in the scene.The Snow Queen fires a shot accidentally hits Rose, Aldo decides then to save Rose , With her case in her hands she escapes but As she opens up the case, the timer runs out and the bomb explodes, killing her as Wolverine comments to the kids about her death.

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