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While serving under Frank Castle (later better known as the Punisher) in the Marines, Rich von Burian took out Vietnamese soldiers pinning down the rest of his troop, allowing them to escape. During his time in the war, he learned that his commanding officer, Collonel Ray Schoonover was heading a drug smuggling operation.

Assasin for Hire

As a mercenary

Following the war, Van Burian was hired as an assassin for his former officer, Collonel Schoonover. This because Schoonover was running for the US Senate, and he was affraid that his old team might talk about his past as a drug smuggler.

Van Burian began assassinating the members of his former troop, on the chance that any of them had learned of Schoonover's secret . After killing off many of the team, he was tracked by Frank Castle, the Punisher. The Punisher managed to take out Van Burian and proved Collonel Schoonover's connection to the drugs and other illegal activities. Rich however got away.

During another encounter the Punisher managed to close in on Van Burian. Van Burian took a hostage, but the Punisher managed to seperate them and stabbed Van Burian in the chest, threw him into an open grave, where he apparently died.

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