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U.S. Army Sergeant Owen King, from Bangor, Maine. After enlisting, he was highly trained in all types of military surveillance and night-vision devices. Sneak Peek is a legend in the Ranger recon battalions. The Rangers tell of one mission where his unit was overrun, and in the ensuing confusion, Sneak Peek was never recalled from his reconnaissance position. He stayed put and continued to observe enemy activity for two weeks before someone remembered he was still there and sent him the signal to return. Sneak Peek was eventually recruited for the G.I. Joe team. One of his first missions was as part of a small team of Joes sent on a recon mission into Cobra Island. The mission soon changed when the Joes invaded the island during Cobra's civil war, and Sneak Peek and the other Joes were ordered to take over Cobra's airfield control tower. When Destro's forces arrived, the team was forced into the sluice tunnels below the airfield. The Joes eventually came out on the losing side of the war thanks to a last minute deal. The corrupt Generals who had planned the mission blamed the embarrassment on Hawk and arrested he and many of the Joes, including Sneak Peek. The Joes were eventually cleared and Sneak Peek returned to duty.

Some time later, Sneak Peek became good friends with his teammate, Dusty, even inviting him to Christmas dinner at his parents' house in Maine. Unknown to Sneak Peek, his mother asked Dusty to promise that he would bring her son home if anything ever happened to him in the field. Dusty made that promise and never mentioned it to his freind. Sneak Peek continued to work for the Joes on many more missions over the years, including a hostage situation at a software company secretly controlled by Cobra and a recon mission observing Cobra's assault on Castle Destro in Scotland.

On what would be his last mission, Sneak Peek was one of the many Joes involved in the Battle of Benzheen, the Joes biggest operation to date. At one stage of the battle, a number of Cobra troops were pinned down by the Joes in the middle of the desert nation's capital city. A small family lived in one of the buildings and the Cobras inside sent a young boy into the middle of the firefight hoping to lure the Joes into a trap. Sneak Peek knew that it was a trap, but decided the boy was still in danger. He rushed out into the open and pushed the boy to safety, but was caught in the crossfire and killed as Dusty watched in horror. Disobeying Stalker's order to retreat, Dusty ran in to the open and retrieved his friend. He marched all the way back to the Joes' field headquarters carrying Sneak Peek's body. Sneak Peek was given a hero's funeral and buried alongside his fallen teammates in Arlington National Cemetery. Many years later at Arlington, Sneak Peek's name was placed on a new memorial dedicated to the fallen members of the G.I. Joe team.

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