the_poet's Snarked! #6 - Fit the Sixth: Yo Ho Ho and a Nice Cup of Tea review

Follow That Ship!

ok. I have to say this is my favorite issue of this entire series! (it deserves 6 stars if you ask me!)

The Good: Hatter & Crew and other things

When I saw the cover of this issue months before its release, I knew I would love it. Its no secret that I like the Hatter (did you know the whole "Mad Hatter" phrase was not used Lewis Carrol?). I once dressed up as him for Halloween. Anyway, I love the idea of making the Mad Hatter a pirate. its just really cool to see a pirate ship with the familiar faces of Tweedledee, Tweedledum, The March Hare, the Dormouse, the caterpillar, Humpty Dumpty, the White Rabbit and of course the Mad Hatter. I love Roger Langridge's interpretation of the characters and I've sure any fan of Alice and Wonderland would appreciate it as well.

this section really makes me smile...from the ship to the "in this style 10/6" to the caterpillar...

As I've said previously, the writing and art is wonderful. The colors are very vibrant (thanks to Lisa Moore) and the characters are all unique looking (thanks to roger Langridge). The humor is enjoyable even to older readers. The story is entertaining and is assessable for all readers (unlike some children's stories).

The Bad...

Actully I got nothing. I don't know what is bad about this series. I really wish more people would read this, because it is very good. Hopefully with all the contracts Boom! seems to be getting they will be able to expand the distrabution of their comics beyond what they have now because I know a lot of their titles a lot of people would enjoy if they could get it.


This is a cool comic and the highlight of the entire series. I love the whole Mad Hatter crew, and I love the beginning with the Gryphon (gives the character more of a mysterious feel when he wears a top hat, cloak and cane :P). I recommend this series to anyone who is young at heart. You will enjoy it if you read it.

Indeed I shall, Captain Hatter, indeed I shall...
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