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Brief History

Snake-Eyes and The Black Hand
Snakes-Eyes was arrested by Blackbyrd for the murder of an old blind war veteran. During an escape he suffered an accident but a friend of his, who happend to be a doctor, saved him by modifying his body with hard material. He would go on to make a more crime geared militant organization called The Black Hand.  
Due to an epidemic in New York City, the hospitals ordered up a special isotope to cure the disease. Snake-Eyes had planned to steal the isotope to ransom it off to the city.  
He would come into conflict with Blackbyrd again but also Blackbyrd's friends the Sons of the Tiger members Abe Brown & Lin Sun, and Iron Fist too. During the fight, Snake-Eyes combated Iron Fist, who used the iron fist technique to shatter Snake-Eyes' chest. Upon slowly dying, Snake-Eyes revealed that he was really going to use the isotope to finish off the last requirements of his operation that save his life before. He was apparently born with odd snake-like eyes.



Snake-Eyes Taking it to Iron Fist
Snake-Eyes Blocks an attack from the Immortal Iron Fist

Snake-Eyes, after his operation, had a body made of bullet-proof glass, metallic alloys, and hard plastics. This made him super strong, durable, and gave him inhanced stamina. He was also a highly skilled martial artist. It should be noted that he successfully fought off Iron Fist.    



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