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Snake Eyes is a weapons dealer who claimed to have no connection to the giant snake that broke Wingnut's metallic glider wings (though the Mutanimals got the impression he was lying through his fangs). He is enormous in size, and obviously capable in a fight, though he prefers to use his forked tongue to talk his way out of situations rather then fight. He hooked the Mutanimals up with a small arsenal of high-tech guns, but neglected to supply them with sufficient ammo.

Powers & Abilities

Snake Eyes is super strong, especially in his tail; he is presumably poisonous, and owns a vast array of high-tech weapons, which though he primarily owns to sell, is extremely adept in using them so he can make demonstrations for potential clients. To this effect Snake Eyes has also become a precision marksman.

Other Media

Snake Eyes appeared as a boss in the video game Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III for Gameboy. He was renamed Scale Tail, and his appearance was slightly changed to resemble a cobra.

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