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Snake Eyes:Declassified

Its begins here. DDP's re-telling of one of the most famous ninja's in comicbook history, Snake Eyes. The issue starts off with a small look into the life of Snake Eyes pre-military and the strong family bond he shares with his mother, father, and mainly his sister. Although somewhat slow going it is a crucial part of understanding what drives the man. As the story moves along we see Snake Eyes as a hardened solider who is somewhat at odds with his platoon, which is led the future Joe known as Stalker. Also in the group is Tommy Arashikage, Snake Eye's only friend. We learn through a conversation between the two that both are the only surviving members of their first detachment and that is the reason Snake Eyes refuses to get close to his current unit. Its interesting to see the emotion displayed be Snake Eyes in this issue as future interpretations of him rarely showcase any feelings at all.
After being ambushed and seriously injured, Snake Eyes' unit is killed (with the exception of Storm Shadow and Stalker). Snake Eyes is sent home only to find out that his family was killed by a drunk driver on their way to pick him up. It is later revealed that this drunk driver was in fact the brother of Cobra Commander. All in all this is a great issue to start with for fans who may know of Snake Eyes but have never really had the opportunity to see how he began. There is little action and the pace gets bugged down with alot of explanations and character building. But if you're interested in learning about Snake Eyes pre- Gi Joe this is a must read.

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Posted by xerox_kitty

Ugh, you read GI Joe comics!!   ;) 
You make it sound all grown up... when did our youth grow up? :p

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