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Smurfette's story began in the magazine Spirou in 1966. At the end of the story, she left the all-male community of the Smurfs, but made an occasional appearance. In the animated television program developed in the 1980's, Smurfette became a permanent fixture in the storyline. Smurfette was molded from clay by the Smurfs' enemy, Gargamel, in order to use her wiles to cause jealousy and competition amongst the other Smurfs. Placing her in a forest, she encountered Hefty Smurf, who took her to the Smurf Village. She was allowed to stay there, out of the kindness of their hearts. Gargamel's spell was flawed, however, and Smurfette initially appeared unattractive to the other Smurfs. She was obese, with black, spiky hair. She tried to woo the Smurfs, but they regarded her as just another male Smurf, regardless of how kind and considerate she was. Her ugliness only served to annoy the other Smurfs, and they told her that she was putting on weight, to make her feel bad. This trick caused Smurfette to slip into a deep depression. Papa Smurf took pity on Smurfette, and locked himself away with her in his laboratory for several days. When they  emerged, Smurfette was beautiful, with long blond hair. This caused almost every Smurf in the village to instantly fall in love with her. Although Grouchy Smurf initially stated that he "hated Smurfette", he drew a heart symbol on a wall, when he was certain that no one was looking.
Alas, Smurfette's beauty did cause jealousy and competition among the Smurfs. She convinced Vanity Smurf to open the
Smurfy Sexpot
water dam to see the water spurt, and in doing so, Vanity flooded the entire village. Papa Smurf expressed his displeasure with Smurfette's problematic influence. Offended, Smurfette told Papa Smurf she would return to the great sorcerer Gargamel. The Smurfs were angered and shocked by the revelation, and Papa Smurf ordered that she be arrested immediately, to face trial for her deception. The proceedings were hintered by the Smurfs' obvious adoration of their newest resident. Brainy Smurf served as the prosecutor, and was booed by the other Smurfs, because of their love of Smurfette. Brainy was unable to find one smurf that would testify against Smurfette. On the contrary, every Smurf supported her, their love undermining any treachery she was responsible for. Smurfette's attorney, Jokey Smurf, told Papa Smurf that he himself was to blame for making Smurfette attractive.   
Loving And Kind-Hearted
The jury found Smurfette not guilty. However, Smurfette felt guilty for her deception, and ran away into the forest. The Smurfs sought vengeance against Gargamel for his trick by creating a horrific, hulking wart-covered hag that only spoke in the Smurf language. It chased Gargamel through the forest. Smurfette returned occasionally to the village, but her very presence drove the other Smurfs mad. When the Smurfs were deciding who would marry her, Smurfette opted for Grouchy Smurf, thus making it known that the point was moot. The other Smurfs' obssession with Smurfette soon became adoration from afar, and she eventually settled in the Smurf Village. She even learned the Smurf language, in conflict with the straight human language that Gargamel had taught her. Smurfette was the only female Smurf until Sassette "Sassy" Smurf was created. There was also a "Granny Smurf", although her existence was never explained.  

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