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  The man known only by his codename, Smoke, was one of the Changers, instruments of The High. The Changers each performed a specific role to bring about a "new world", which the High imagined as being a utopia free of governments and leadership. As a Changer, Smoke was tasked with freeing the world of inherently evil people, and so killed off many other killers, con-men, and other professional criminals. However, behind his decadent exterior, Smoke regretted his actions, but continued on with the hope of seeing The High's new world, where murder would be obsolete.  
    When The Changers base in Paraguay was infiltrated by Stormwatch, both Smoke and his teammate Eidolon tried to talk things out with Stormwatch. They failed to get anywhere, though, and Smoke joined the fray when his teammate Blind was revealed to be a psychotic monster that tortured Jenny Sparks. Smoke, reasoning that Blind was one of the inherently evil men he was tasked to kill, shot him dead using his powers. Soon after, however, Smoke himself was shot and killed by Rose Tattoo, whose ability to murder anything bypassed his smoke form. His body was presumably destroyed when the acidic " Hammerstryke Deep Sanction Missile" deployed by Stormwatch blew up the Changer's base. 

Powers & Abilities

   Smoke possessed the inherent ability to transform himself and his suit into smoke. In his smoke form, he was immune to most forms of attack and could fly under his own propulsion. Smoke carried two handguns that he was a very proficient at using. 

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