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Character History

The Haunted Huntress
Vince Panetti has a lot of alias and has worked for different mafia's in many different places.  A long time ago he molested a young girl named Roseanne Angelo. Her brother Tony Angelo suspected him of the rape but was never sure. When Tony grew up he worked for the same mob boss Vince did. At that time he knew him as Pete. Vince/Pete was asked to send Franco Bertinelli a message. Vince/Pete volunteered and did it by raping his daughter Helena Bertinelli who would later become the Huntress. This will haunt Her all her life.
Tony could not do anything about Vince/Pete for a long time until Vince/Pete made a mistake and a hit was put out on him by his own bosses. This time Tony volunteered and strangled him.
It would be a long time before Huntress would ever find out about what happened to the Smiling Man. When she found out that Tony knew about it she became very angry. She did later forgive him. Knowing about Vince/Pete's death did not stop the haunting Huntress felt and she even became friends with a psychologist who helped her try to reconcile her grief.

Mistake or Reboot

Later in the DC Universe Vince shows up again with out any mention of Tony his death. He shows up alive and Huntress wants him dead. She never acknowledges that she thought he was dead.

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