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Jennifer Wilson was born in Racine, Wisconson. She was a normal girl all through her years in school. After graduation, Jennifer married her high school sweetheart, Kevin Murphy. He seemed nice and she thought that was all that mattered. He was a football star, she was a cheerleader. It seemed perfect and it was for a while but then he started hitting Jennifer. Kevin worked for his dad as an electrician and absolutely hated it. The only release he could find was by beating his wife, taking out all of his frustration out on her. Jennifer thought that the arrival of their first child, Angelica, might help relieve the strain but it only got worse. The beatings continued until one day they just stopped hurting Jennifer. The reason behind this strange phenomenon was unknown to her, but Jennifer didn't complain. She thought she was just blocking out the pain, that she was numb to it. It wasn't until later that she realized that these were the first signs of dormant mutant powers being triggered. It frustrated Kevin that she wasn't reacting the way she used to. It wasn't as satisfying as it had been. One day, in frustration, he tried to take it out on Angel. When Jennifer tried to protect her child, she hit him which caused his head to exploded.


Jennifer Murphy created by Erik Larsen. A character who looked almost identical to Jennifer appeared in Graphic Fantasy. Her name is Susan Wilson who appeared in flashbacks. She was killed in the same way as the Image Universe Jennifer was. A similar character appeared in Megaton, again being identical in looks and possessing the same powers as Jennifer and code-name Smasher. In the letter column of Savage Dragon #37 Erik Larsen confirmed that these characters were Jennifer, albeit with different names. In response to a rumor about a new love interest appearing in an Savage Dragon annual. (The annual became the Sex and Violence mini-series.)

Character Evolution

Graphic Fantasy

Susan Wilson (Graphic Fantasy)

Susan Wilson was wife of Paul Dragon (The Dragon) and they have a daughter, Angel. She was killed by Bronze Man.


Smasher (Megaton)

Sue is married to Paul Dragon (The Savage Dragon) and they have a daughter, Angel. She and her family live on the Society of Super-Heroes (S.O.S) complex. Sue, Dragon and Vanguard are only ones to stop an army of super-villans who are attacking the S.O.S complex.

Image Universe

Smasher (Image Universe)

Jennifer went from being a sweet innocent girl to being a victim of abuse by her husband, she endured the pain to keep her family together for their daughter's sake. One day she discovered that she didn't feel any pain anymore. This moment not only is the start of her mutating powers but also of her inner strength and not taking any more from her husband. There was a trial. A man known only as "Grundy" tried to pin a string of murders on Jennifer which were actually committed by a Guillotine. Officer Dragon of the Chicago Police stood by her through the ordeal. He found the real murderer and arrested her. The charges were dropped against Jennifer and she was reunited with her daughter. A few months afterwards, following the failed Martian invasion of Earth, Savage Dragon was recruited by the United States government to head up a superhuman strike force Special Operations Strikeforce (S.O.S) to prevent other major catastrophes. Jennifer, code-named "Smasher," accepted his offer to join the team, feeling she owed him a huge debt. So adept at using her vast strength in physical combat, she quickly sped her way through recruit training to become a core member of the team.

Unknown Universe

Smasher (Unknown Universe)

Smasher was one of hundreds of super-powered females that were gathered together by Damien DarkLord. Although details of her own timeline are not revealed, it can be assumed that the majority of her origins are similar to her counterpart. All of the abducted or recruited females were taken back to Chicago, Illinois where the scientific genius of Rex Dexter was employed to send them home. Smasher was unable return to her home reality, since her reality been destroyed. She joins the S.O.S., which is under control of Damien DarkLord. Jennifer falls in love with Herakles, she is also raising this reality Angel as her own child. Jennifer met her end when Universo consumes the planet.

Savage World Universe

Smasher (Savage World)

In this reality, Jennifer was dating Dragon and the couple were planned to be married, but as global devastation was caused during CyberFace’s rule, she opted to leave Chicago with her daughter. Jennifer was on the run with Angel for years until they finally returned home in light of Dragon cleaning up much of the world, with the assistance of his new teammates within the Liberty League. Dragon explained that his counterpart from this reality was deceased while his doppelganger shared the same fate. This led Dragon and Jennifer to try to pretend that they were the real deal to one another and began dating. The couple was soon married and Jennifer was brought into the ranks of the Liberty League.

Major Story Arcs

Image Universe

Jennifer Leaves S.O.S.

Jennifer in S.O.S.

On the team's first major mission, Smasher and Dragon were marooned on and later escaped the doomed planet Darkworld, and on a several-month long odyssey found their way to a bizarre planet where they did battle with mythological Gods. Eventually, Smasher and her traveling companion were returned to Earth and she was reunited with her daughter. When Dragon was feared dead at the hands of Abner Cadaver, Smasher opted to retire from her superhero career as her primary motivation for becoming a hero had gone. Several of her teammates had also been killed in action and Smasher feared her daughter would have to grow up an orphan should she share a similar fate.

Love interest of The Dragon

Imposter as Jennifer

Dragon was restored to life by the ancient sorcerer Fon-Ti and he was informed by Smasher that she had grown incredibly attracted to him. After several months of dating, the couple became engaged. On the day of the wedding, the shape-shifting Imposter abducted the heroine for the Covenant of the Sword and took her place. The second OverLord went on to murder the person he thought was Dragon’s wife-to-be, leaving Dragon to believe his love was deceased.

The Death of Smasher

Jennifer dies

Smasher underwent brain-washing to become a powerful member of the Covenant and was vital to the capture and reprogramming of the veteran hero SuperPatriot. DarkLord and the Covenant’s plans were eventually foiled. Smasher broke Damien DarkLord's brain-washing and she is killed trying to protect Dragon from DarkLord's eye blast.

Savage World Universe

Jennifer Loses Her Powers

Jennifer without her powers

The Liberty League remained together for a while, but slowly began to fall apart. Jennifer had her powers removed by Negate, leaving her incapable of protecting her daughter. She became increasingly frustrated with how blasé Dragon was about most things, primarily regarding his dismissal of Mister Glum as a threat.

The Death of Smasher

Mr.Glum fed Angel a growth serum that caused Angel to grow to an immense size, destroying her home and leaving her mother paralyzed. Jennifer decided that life with Dragon was too dangerous and she had her best friend Gertie Funt check her out from Hillman Hospital. The duo went in search of super-powers to restore Jennifer to full health, but when Jennifer visited the Creator’s home, Mister Glum had used the God Gun to control all humans’ minds. Angel no longer had any recollection of her mother and shot her dead, burying the remains beneath the building. Dragon searched for his missing wife for years until Angel eventually came clean about the murder through a letter.

Powers & Abilities

Super Strength

Smasher possesses vast superhuman strength. She is capable of lifting (pressing) approximately 90 tons.


She is very nearly impervious to flame. She has seemingly impenetrable skin, inhuman stamina and endurance.


She has accelerated healing ability.

Other Versions

Hundreds of Jennifer from Different Universes

Hundreds of Jennifer (Unknown Universes)

Hundreds of Jennifer from different Universe were gathered together by Damien DarkLord to use as his super-human army. After the defeat of the DarkLords, Rex Dexter use his dimensional portal to send the Jennifers' back to their home realities.

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