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Computer-controlled gyros in the Smart Disc guarantee that it returns to its wielder once thrown, and also gives it a degree of auto-guidance, allowing it to alter its course in mid-flight and follow a moving target if necessary. They can be directed manually using the targeting laser built into Predators' Bio Masks and can be retrieved with a push of a button on a Predator's wrist gauntlet if the disc manages to embed itself in a solid material. It's also able to target and take out multiple targets with one throw, making it one of the Predators' most devastating weapons.

The disc is made of a metal alloy unique to Predators which allows it to be both lightweight and incredibly durable. They're sharp enough to cut through most materials with ease and one has been shown to cut through half a dozen cattle carcasses and the man it targeted with little effort.



The Shuriken is a primarily thrown Yautja weapon which functions much like the Smart-Disc. Constructed with six retractable blades, the Shuriken is also used as a slashing weapon and is immune to a Xenomorph's acid blood.

Keen enough to cut into three inches of solid stone, the blades are strong enough to break a Xenomorph Queen's hardened head armor, though it cannot seem to actually cut it. Shurikens can cut through a single Xenomorph without slowing down and, even after going through a Xenomorph, have enough force to lift and pin a human to a wall several feet above the floor.

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