Smallville Season 10 review

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Thought I would share a different kind of post this time around. Honestly I was surprised to find a copy of the last season at a store shelf. Thankfully I had some money saved up, just to obtain the only volume missing in my collection of the series. I pondered for awhile about picking it up a few months back. Because all of the local retailers had the price so insanely high. But I let my conscience take me over, and made up my mind. Bought it, and I felt it was well spent. But the outcome?

I was one of many viewers for the first episode many years ago. Before all the cable crazy insanity of reality junk. Smallville was a show that felt current, and it kept its storyline fresh as it possibly could. Plus story arcs actually carried onto the next season. Leaving all of us wanting more, and eager to see where the characters would go next. One of the biggest fans I know was my grandmother. It was something how knowledgeable all things Superman she really knew by heart. When she was growing up, a battle was just underway, and the world was changing. The printed page was nothing else of its time. Even for comics to actually be published, it was a limited run if you were in a rural place. However she was lucky enough to save a few bits of change to find new tales of wonder. Seeing Smallville brought a calmness to her heart. It also was the same kinship for my mom, whom still is a comic book fan. Her turning point with comics was the more diverse, yet challenging tales of the times.

I find myself in the middle of every season writing in stuff with other fans. Sharing fun things about what my family thought of each episode. The WB (now CW) hosted a traverse community of other eager S fans that couldn't keep ideas quiet. Oddly enough some things mentioned by fans were brought into several key episodes, and kudos were given in unique ways. However a little hidden easter egg of the shows, was the fact that they connected with past comics. Although they were delivered with more up to date ideas with tech, the writing on its own was unique. Characters many of us readers glance through, each page seeing it on screen unfold right through our eyes. But how to take Clark "off the ground" and "towards the heavens". This is what season 10 accomplished.

From sealing renegade Kryptonians, to dealing with Darkseid's armada.. and many more. It made things seem like it would never end. But once a certain moment came back, you knew where it would go, but its the how and drive that keep its momentum going. Even the "crashed" wedding is an awesome unforgettable moment. And the passing of the "trials" in the finale will make anyone whom ever read a comic get that "chill" down their spine. And that flight..

I just want to watch it again.

How do I feel about season 10? Honestly I loved it! And would want to see Tom Welling and friends take on a JLA movie. (if that is to be) Even though WB and DC push for solo titles.. just a compilation of all the heroes in one awesome film. Would it hurt? No, not at all. There is definitely potential from this series to push towards something more epic. It definitely left a mark on storytelling, and its actually changed the way comics are written.

Only one thing is missing.. sadly I lost my grandmother to alzheimers and dementia. Her heart was always in the clouds, and I'm glad that she's found a place to rest. As it turns out John Glover (who played Lionel Luthor) for many seasons. Also supports the Alzheimer's foundation (an awesome group btw!) I honestly don't know why I didn't write about things sooner. This is something I have guilty about for the past two years since then. I just tried to keep strong, with the happier times. But the best part is sharing with those who care, and know what one another is getting through. My grandma definitely believed a "man could fly".

To many friends here, I wish all of you and your loved ones do your best in this world of ours. Support one another, even through the hard times.

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