Guest Stars Galore in the SMALLVILLE Finale

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 She'll be back, along with the guy with the S who still isn't Superman.

SMALLVILLE’s got a tall order to fill in its season finale. Not only is a regular cast member going to bite it (and the people who don’t want it to be Chloe Sullivan have gotten organized about their opposition), the whole Zod and Kandor hullabaloo has to get resolved and, as if that weren’t enough to try squeezing into one episode, there’s going to be a gaggle of guest stars. By EW and MTV’s reckoning, audiences are in store for something of an ABSOLUTE JUSTICE reunion come the conclusion of the season, as Black Canary, Cyborg, Stargirl and Hawkman will all be making return appearances along with Metallo, Ma Kent, Maxwell Lord and Martian Manhunter. Gee, I’m going to hazard a guess that this episode will have to be double the usual length if they want to give all those characters the proper face-time.

Now, as I said earlier today, I’m not a SMALLVILLE devotee, but can somebody clear something up for me?  Superman’s understood to be the first superhero in the DCU in most continuities, but as I understand it, SMALLVILLE’s about Clark’s day before becoming Superman. So the idea here is that all these capes predate Superman ‘s official debut? What’s with all those promo pictures I’ve seen of Clark dressed like Neo with the “S” scrawled on his chest with chalk? So he’s Superman, but not Superman?

Clear all this up for me, oh never-predated Comic Vine community, than speculate about this finale. Who do you think is going to get axed? How will the Zod/Kandor thing wrap up? Have they reached the limit for most guest stars per episode, or might yet there be even more aces in the hole?

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No Zatanna!?  
No more Smallivlle cameo for me? Sigh. Well... guess it's that point in my career to start thinking about joining "Dancing with the Stars".
Okay... that's it, I'm going to start a campaign petition to raise funds for a fan-made commercial that will air during Smallville's season finale to have Zatanna appear on that same season finale episode...  
Hey... wait a minute...
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Smallville is regarded as an "alternate reality" of sorts, so it has its own version of the DCU history.  It's best not to even think about it.
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That's a lot of SuperHeroes.

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i don't watch smallville, but i think the black trenchcoat getup is badass

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Smallville is like one of the parallel 52 Earths. A different continuity. The JSA, in Smallville, predates the current generation of heroes (Supes, Arrow, Cyborg, etc)...but they kinda disappeared and were forgotten.

The black outfit was Clark's answer to Jimmy dying. He was becoming darker and pulling away from people. He's not Superman...everyone calls him "The Blur" because he does everything in Superspeed. Hopefully, that'll change for season 10.
If a regular cast member is going to'll be Callum Blue (Zod) since he is in the credits. They said the same thing last year and just had Sam Witwer (Doomsday) bite the dust along with Jimmy Olsen. Chloe may die, but I somehow doubt it...they've been teasing her death for years and years and years.

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I can't stand the Neo look but love the guest starts such as the legion, JSA, Zatanna, and so forth  makes it must watch TV.

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I suggest you jump on the Smallville bandwagon and watch it from the beginning.  Watching the show isn't like jumping into a comic series and you don't really miss a beat.  Many things lead up to what has been happening.  So I suggest you watch it from the start my friend.  I have been following since day one, trust me, you need to start from the beginning.  
can't wait till tomorrow.  

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I wonder why Aquaman and Impulse aren't appearing, seeing as they're on Ollie's "League". After Absolute Justice, I think it would've been cool to see the two teams together. 
In any case, I wonder why Martha's finally making her return. I know it was teased a few episodes ago that Clark and Lois were going to tie the knot, so could that be the case for the finale? 
Also, the fact that Max Lord shows up in this episode has me thinking that maybe he's going to be the one to off one of the characters, if only because it'd be a nod to his comic counterpart.

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iam hopeing for Kara to return next season she is my fav charater and shes Clarks family.
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Callum Blue is signed on to the show for at least one more year.
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Here is the thing, it is impossible to rationalize Smallville into the DCU unless you make shit up. For one, Cyborg and Impulse are supposed to be young when Clark is a adult. Also both seem to be a part of the Justice League, when Impulse never was and Cyborg was for like 2 issues this year. SO in all its best to just watch and not think about it because it will make your head hurt. 

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That's...unexpected and interesting. He's great as Zod, but I'm also a bit worn out on Smallville's use of Zod. I was hoping there'd be another major villain for s10. 
EDIT: Although, if I remember correctly, Witwer had a multi-year contract to play Zod, but he was discarded it could still be Blue.  After the many, many, many times they've tried to take out Chloe, I just won't believe she's dead until she's dead.
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No Legion?  - Saturn Girl, Cosmic Boy or Lightning Boy?
I want many of the past villains from Smallville to appear, in like, a huge army!
Like Silver Banshee,  Mister Mxyzptlk, Maxima, Roulette, Molly Griggs, Alicia Baker, Plastique, Parasite etc ....

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It will be cool to see cyborg again

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Please give Black Canary long hair!  PLEASE PLEASE. ¬_¬

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Maxwell Lord 

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I started watching this show because of the JSA episode, but the last episode that came on was really bad. This show, even the JSA episode, does not blow me away one bit...

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Superman's hasn't been the first superhero in the DCU since at least the end of Crisis On Infinite Earths.
Once continuity got messed about with all the golden age characters came to predate him. 
So technically I'd guess Smallville's playin' it fairly accurate to that.

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But let's keep in mind there are at least 52 DCU's. Probably more aftet the next big reboot.

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I've been waiting forever for Cyborg to come back. He usually gets left out of Justice League eps.

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oh wow... Cyborg is coming back too ? Get ready for The Famous Jett Jackson back on Smallville 
ha ha
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what about zatanna returning, and i don't think it will be chloe anymore, now that you said ma kent will return, it will probably be her, or maybee hawkman, to make way for the next one

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You know i used to watch this show but I don't anymore it's too boring for me and really just turn the kid into Superman already damn!!!!

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DC has said they consider Smallville's universe to be an Elseworld. So that's why the continuity on timelines is allowed to be a little screwy.
Also, only the JSA and Legaue characters will be appearing in the finale. The others on your list will be in the other five episodes leading up to it, so no need for a super-sized episode to fit them all in. I'm way excited for Cyborg coming back, though, it's been three seasons since we last saw him!

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To answer the question the black trench coat is only because Tom Welling refuses to don the Superman contract...That's the closest they could get him to wear...sad isn't it

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If we're asking where smallville fits in superman continuity how come we're not askin' where other comic book TV shows and movies fit?
Where did the Spider-man movies fit? Or the X-men movies?
Smallville's got no connextion to the comic books. It's a seperate entity out there on it's own. 
How do we not understand that and why are we discussing it?
Us fan boys ask some crazy questions

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@Jordanstine said:
No Zatanna!?  
No more Smallivlle cameo for me? Sigh. Well... guess it's that point in my career to start thinking about joining "Dancing with the Stars".
Okay... that's it, I'm going to start a campaign petition to raise funds for a fan-made commercial that will air during Smallville's season finale to have Zatanna appear on that same season finale episode...   ...  Hey... wait a minute...  "
@Jordanstine:  AGREE!!!!!!!!!! 
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@Tom Pinchuck:  youve got it right. its all very "slap you in the face comic fans" on Smallville. in the begining, the only liberties taken where on Pete and Chloe, for the sake of giving Lana the "girl next door you love" feel instead of the "best friend your afraid to loose".....and to put some important ethnicity in the town full of white people. but around season 4 when they should have ended it or turned it into a rookie superman show, they decided clark kent should more or less ignore college and skip right to cheesing over Lois. 
....what do the comics know anyway,right?
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@Gylan Thomas:
I think what he is referring to is Action Comics #1 in 1938 (from National Allied Publications which would later morph into DC Comics). Action Comics #1 was the debut of Superman and was the first true "super hero" Action had. Batman was a close second. JSA and JLA came much later.
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@Scarecrow4 said:
" To answer the question the black trench coat is only because Tom Welling refuses to don the Superman contract...That's the closest they could get him to wear...sad isn't it "
I'm curious where you got this information from.
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More watered down versions of superheroes that inadvertently end up being cheesier than their originals incarnations in a massively failed attempt to seem "modern and hip"?
 This show absolutely sucks in every way.

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I'm right there with ya....
I have no clue how this series has lasted as long as it has not turning into a spin-off (Metropolis would have been a cool name too) and finally getting a new Superman T.V. series
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is aquaman gonna appear, or is he too busy doing blue mountain state. kyle gallner probably won't return as impulse, because he's a big movie star now with nightmare on elm street. zatanna might return, who knows. super girl should return sometime, whether it be in the season finale or if it be in season 10. and the next in line for the dr. fate mantle should appear, but probably won't.

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I watch the show a lot and I like it, but am still not afraid to say that the writers are lacking in knowledge of Superman. And they're going for a look rather than right. Come on how do you not see who Clark is? He's not wearing glasses. Metallo has seen him as Clark and as The Blur. Come on! Who's not gonna put that together? He was a reporter there. Crap writers. And I also heard that Darksied is meant to be coming.

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