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A Partial Return

I enjoyed the Smallville TV show and continued to tune in during its more cringe-worthy episodes in the later seasons where it was clear that their budget was nowhere high enough for what they were doing. The finale disappointed me because of the shadow the budget had cast on their ability to tell the story they wanted to. So now Smallville is in a hopefully much better place, a place where you can allow that imagination flow for a much cheaper price.

The Good

It is good to see these characters again even for the short glimpses we get in this issue. I especially got a rush out of seeing a version of Green Arrow that I know I will like and a Lois Lane that still seems fun. You can tell that Miller is going to be cooking up something exciting, if not from this issue than from the solicits. Also it is a joy to see Perez's art again and I am glad to see that these two remain a team from their phenomenal Batgirl run. Also the transition from a translation of a language back to a character's frame of reference where they don't understand it I quite enjoyed. Last thing, it was nice to finally get a good look at Clark in costume since the camera was kept at such a distance in the show.

The Bad

This issue suffers from the fact that it is really not an issue. It is a chapter of an issue at only 10 pages. When this is released in print it will have three other chapters included so it feels like two issues. The problem with this chapter is that this half of the story is re-introducing characters, meaning it isn't so high on action. And the chapter itself ends with the feeling that that action is just on the next page, which is a cliff-hanger of sorts I guess. This has also affected the Batman Beyond and Justice League Beyond series that have been employing this chapter tactic.

The Verdict

I enjoyed the show and as such know I will enjoy this series. It is in the good hands of Miller and Perez who have delivered in the past and I know will continue to do so in the future. Even though this chapter of issue #1 is a bit low on action I know that there is going to be something good in the works. Smallville was plagued by the constraints of its budget and now it can be free, the promise this series has is vast. I will continue to read this series in digital because that is my preferred format, but I suggest for the smoothest experience to pick it up in print as it's a collection of chapters #1-4.

Favorite Panel

Posted by bloggerboy

I found the issue entertaining and a good teaser for the future...but with the art lacking and the non-existent plot I don't know how well this will fare in the long run.

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