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Sliding Albion was discovered in the 1920's. The main (but certainly not the only) difference between Sliding Albion and the normal Wildstorm Universe Earth is that first contact with an alien species on Sliding Albion was overt. In the default WSU Earth, the two instances of major alien contact (the Kherubim/Daemonite War and the future-sapiens/aliens that modified Jack Hawksmoor) were both covert. Not only was alien contact on Sliding Albion overt, it was the meeting of two "expansionist renaissance courtly cultures." Even though the aliens were much more advanced than the humans, the two races got along very well. So well in fact, that the humanoid aliens bred with human European royalty. This was even more significant because the year in Sliding Albion at the time of alien contact was 1500. By the early twentieth century, the new, merged culture, was a stagnant imperialist society, and it was looking for war. The people of Sliding Albion discovered how to travel The Bleed, the interdimensional highway, and went looking for new Earths to take over. The effort wasn't a strong one, the people were more bored than power hungry. When they came into contact with the main Wildstorm Earth, the fighting stopped quickly and there was a period of peace and cultural exchange. However, in 1953, a world war started that apparently destroyed Sliding Albion.

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