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Slicer is a member of the Brothers of the Blade alongside Steel-Skull and Clawfoot who are warriors that had metal weapons replace a certain part of their body. Slicer had an axe replace his left hand to hack away at his foes. Slicer, Clawfoot and Steel-Skull would kidnap the daughter of Lord Pergona and they were responsible of transporting her to a rival city of Cornolla to marry the ruler there. Conan and Tara of Hanumar were sent to save the daughter so they dressed as beggars to infiltrate the Brothers of the Blades' campsite. Clawfoot popped out his blade when he planned to kill the beggars for sport but was surprised to see Tara evade his attack and retaliate with a kick to the head. Conan revealed himself and took on Slicer and Steel-Skull while Tara was occupied with Clawfoot. Slicer was the last remaining member of the Brothers of the Blade after Tara killed Clawfoot and Conan killed Steel-Skull. The fight between Slicer and Conan was fierce when Slicer appeared to gain the upper hand after Conan tripped over some rocks. However, Conan was able to stab Slicer through the neck before he could deliver the killing blow.


Slicer was created by Roy Thomas, John Buscema and Frank Springer in 1975 and first appeared in Conan the Barbarian # 53.  

Weapons & Abilities

Slicer is a fierce warrior that had an axe replace his left hand to hack away at his enemies.

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