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Kikuyo Fujikawa was the only daughter of the Daimyo of the Kofuku clan in ancient Japan during the 1600's.  She was to be married but was kidnapped by the T'srri on her way to the wedding and held in stasis for hundreds of years.  She was to be converted to a T'srri but the indoctrination did not take.  She escaped from the T'srri with the help of Colonel Stone and the other members of Weapon Zero.  Her partial T'srri conversion gave her the ability to generate claws from her hands and create bio-armor.  She found she could also understand all languages and see in the dark.  Her agility and strength were also enhanced. 
During her time with Weapon Zero, she has come to see Valaria as a little sister and is very protective of her.  She dislikes Jamie immensely but has developed a crush on Stone.

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