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Slave Labor Graphics (or SLG) was established by Dan Vado in 1986. Located in San Jose, California, their first major success sold about 58 thousand copies with in the summer of their first year (Samurai Penguin).


They eventually created a new imprint by the name of Amaze Ink (1995). Amaze Ink is for their "All Audience" books while their more adult material will stay with the Slave Labor imprint.


Dan Vado in front of Haunted Mansion Poster

By 2005 SLG partnered up with Disney and produce comics based on hit shows/ movies such as Gargoyles, Tron, Wonderland and the Haunted Mansion to name a few.

Beginning of the Digital Era

Connecting with today's technology, Dan Vado decided to connect with his readers in a new platform, the digital frontier. Not only did they partner up with various formats such as ComiXology, SLG also produces their comics in .pdf, .epub, and .cbz. While is it seen that SLG's printed sales has been going down, their digital sales have gone up every month since the decision for digital comics.


Continuously growing into other talents, SLG established a music label called Slab Yard Sounds in 2010. In late 2011 SLG has announced that they will be fully converting to digital distribution explaining the difficulty of publishing a graphic novel around 200 pages from an unknown creator with out cutting corners, so digital would be a great way to connect with the audience and help build for a book release.

In May of 2012, SLG Publishing started to offer services to artists who want to distribute their books through Kickstarter campaigns.

Some of the boxes of comics SLG are moving to their new facility.

In early 2013, SLG Publishing began moving from it's long time home in downtown San Jose to a new warehouse located on 44 Race Street in San Jose. The Grand Reopening is on May 4th, 2013

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