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Sleepwalk, or Holly McKenzie, was born in England. She had a huge amount of power, but it only surfaced when she was sleepwalking. In order to stop herself from ever waking up, she would take large amounts of sleeping pills and constantly wore headphones that played Barry Manilow. Sleepwalk is a member of the Brotherhood of Dada formed by Mr. Nobody. She wears a black and white outfit. Painted on her face are the outlines of two different faces. Holly was the first member of the Brotherhood of Dada to detect the Fifth Horseman. She was then able to warn the others. Sleepwalk was one of the Brotherhood of Dada who decided to stay in the Painting that Ate Paris

Powers and Abilites 

Sleepwalk has incredible power, but only when asleep. This includes super strength and possibly premonitions, such as when she detected the Fifth Horseman.

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