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All seasons must be put to sleep one day.

The final half of the Superhero Noir "Sleeper" comes to a close here.   All seasons must be put to sleep one day.  Ed Brubaker is smart not to drag this series on.  Keep the story tight and precise, it is more deadly that way.
This season we return to see Holden even more confused what side he is really on.  To make in more interesting Ed Brubaker brings back John Lynch, the man who put Holden Carver in the precarious position he is in.
I loved the way loyalties split here.  It no longer becomes blank and white, good and bad.  This story becomes a triangle when dealing with sides, who is really pinned up against who?  Tao, Lynch, Carver?  Who now is playing who?  It is a great read.
This ending is hella sad, but it couldn't be written any better.
Thank you Ed Brubaker for this series.  It will rest as a jewel in your crown as a king of Noir comics.
5/5 stars!
 - Silkcuts


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