starjackerseth's Slapstick #2 - Trigger Happy! review

Slapstick: The second.

This was significantly better than the first issue. Slapstick has SEVERAL funny faces, making me laugh all the way through. It's nice to see a super-hero who isn't a villain, use his powers for his own fun every one in awhile. Even though Slapstick isn't mainstream, it's still a good thing to see. Equally good, was that Slapstick isn't afraid to show the kids who's boss.

The battle between Slapstick and The Overkiller was hilarious, and intense. During one part, Slapstick pulls a Bugs Bunny, and says "This means war", and then he kisses The Overkiller on lips. I think everyone would agree that Deadpool is the comic-relief character, Spider-man is the mainstream comic-relief, and Slapstick is the Bugs Bunny of the Marvel Universe.

It was also nice to see Peter Parker annoyed by MJ, instead of blindly in love with her. These are the type of comics I love best.

This is a nice read.

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