starjackerseth's Slapstick #1 - The Totally Awesome Origin Of Slapstick! review

Slapstick: The start

I love Slapstick, but I think the origins could have been a bit better. It was all still pretty interesting, but for some reason I sorta feel like it was just thought up last minute. So it was a bit bland. But since I love Slapstick, I'll let it pass. The art is pretty good, some drawings of him are hilarious. For some reason, I think that the story was a tiny bit lame. Somebody who JUST turned into a superhero is able to take everybody out. But I'll also let that pass, since I thought alot of it was pretty funny. I thought it was cleaver on how there were a few references to other characters. The thing about Krypton was also funny. I really enjoyed it at the end, when they were trying to think up names, and Slapsticks responses were.

It's an okay comic, but if you DO like Slapstick, I suggest reading it.


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