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1.  [Pakro's Apprentice]
With -  Zoro, The Mystery Man 

2.  [Curse of the Green Dragon]
With -  Diamond Jack 

3.  [Murder In State Prison]
With -  Jim Dolan 

4.  [Zeke William’s Range War]
With -  Lucky Lawton 

5.  [The Unknown Kazilian Base]
With -  Hurricane Hansen 

6.  The Foreman's Revenge 
      - Stand alone story

7.  [Napoleon and the Gypsies]
With -  Mark Swift and the Time Retarder 

8.  [The Coming of Manfred]
With -  War Bird 

9.  [The Plot Against Thora Brandon]
With -  Lee Granger, Jungle King, and Eric the Talking Lion 

Last issue before Slam-Bang was “combined” with Master Comics starting with # 7, mostly however this just meant that the last one or two stories they had in stock for Jim Dolan, War Bird, and Mark Swift and the Time Retarder where printed in Master, then that was it for those characters.

However Zoro, Man of Mystery, along with Cheeta his cheetah, his sword cane and his air of mystery would hang on for a few more 4 to 6 page adventures, then after Master Comics # 22 it’s comic book character limbo for The Man of Mystery as well. 

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