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1.  [Vampire Castle]
With -  Diamond Jack 

2.  [The Gorilla Man]
With -  Jim Dolan 

3.  [Murder of a Diplomat]
With -  Lucky Lawton 

4.  [The Flying Submarines]
With -  Hurricane Hansen 

5.  Legion Sabres 
        - Stand alone story

6.  [The Witches of Salem]
With -  Mark Swift and the Time Retarder 
Writen by Otto Binder, Art by Jack Binder

7.  [The Capture of Baron Bruht]
With -  War Bird 

8.  [Hunt For the Talking Lion]
With -  Lee Granger, Jungle King 

Of the other Slam-Bang heroes, Lucky Lawton was another cowboy and so pretty much got lost in the shuffle of all the other also-ran cowpokes, War Bird was a pilot and got a few more stories outside of Slam-Bang, while the more unique Mark Swift and his perhaps embarrassingly named Time Retarder would be… wait for it… lost to time, after the end of Slam Bang’s short run in 1940 there would be no characters whose sole gimmick would be time travel until DC’s Rip Hunter, animation’s Mister Peabody and England’s Doctor Who all starting in the early 60’s. 







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