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Slab-O-Concrete was founded as a publisher and mail order distributor in the 1990s by Peter Pavement, Dave Hanna, Emma Copsey, and Chris Tappenden.
The company would publish work by creators including Ian Carney, Alan Moore, Woodrow Phoenix, Ed Hillyer, Jessica Abel, Peter Blake and Peter Bagge. In 1998, they published four titles in association with Amnesty International, featuring work by Enrique Rodríguez, Peter Arkle, Dan Jones and Donna Mathes.
In 1999, as one of their final publications, they published the book, The Worm: The Longest Comic Strip in The World. The book was scripted by Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman, among others, and featured art from creators including Dave Gibbons, Charlie Adlard, Donald Rooum, Glenn Fabry, Ed Pinsent, John Bolton, Dave King, Bambos Georgiou, Myra Hancock, Mark Buckingham, Elitta Fell, Kevin O'Neill and David Lloyd. The project was based upon a one day event, held at the London Trocadero centre in 1991, in which the strip was drawn live in front of passers-by.
Slab-O-Concrete ceased publishing in 2001.

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