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Power Company

Lt. Celia Forrestal was Navy Aviator who found her career stalled as a training instructor. Her advancement hampered by race and gender, while her top-notch piloting skills were overlooked. Evaluating whether to leave the service or not she took time to visit her parents, scientist and owners of Argos Technologies. Mr. and Mrs. Forrestal invented an experimental harness that could transform energy. Their intention for the “Argo Harness” was to be used as a peaceful tool, but others would want it as a destructive weapon.

Hence, the Argo Harness caught the interest of a mercenary terrorist-for-hire group called Scorpio. During Scorpio’s attack to steal the device from the Forrestals an untimely explosion occurred. Ceila survived, due to wearing the Argo Harness at the time, but learned the explosion killed her parents. With the help of Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), Celia used the harness to avenge her parent’s death and captured several operatives of Scorpio. Showing up at Celia’s parents funeral, Green Lantern suggest that she continue the fight. Acting on Green Lantern’s suggestion, Celia leaves the Navy and goes into action as Skyrocket. Seven years past during which time Skyrocket became the low-key hero of her hometown of . She soon found it difficult to make ends meet, while keeping up the maintenance on the Argo Harness. She took up managing a Big Belly Burger franchise in her hometown to subsidize her crime fighting activities.

Later, after fighting two members of the Cadre in she was approached by Josiah Powers and Manhunter (Kirk DePaul) and asked to join the Power Company. Conflicted, Celia reluctantly took Josiah’s offer to become a business partner and field leader of the team.

Now a part of Power Company Celia found herself challenged into making a team out of the various personalities she encountered from her teammates. However, she was happy to receive a support crew in the maintenance and updates of her harness from one-time S.T.A.R. Labs scientist, Charlie Lau. She was also allowed to do as much pro bono work as she wanted, which in turn would benefited the Company.

In her tenure with the Power Company Celia goes up against such evil entities as, Strike Force, Dragoneer, Dr. Cyper (an early foe of hers), The Cadre, Dr. Polaris and the Satanstone. One of Celia’s biggest challenges came when Josiah Powers was shot and hospitalized. She took control of the whole organization and managed to make the team more effective.

Beyond Power Company

As Skyrocket, Celia has made numerous solo appearances. She’s aided the fallout in Bludhaven after Chemo’s attack there (see TT Annual #1) and was one of the first to respond to Oracle’s call for reinforcements in the Battle of Metropolis (See Villains United Special). More recently she was among the numerous heroes alongside Superman that was captured by The Auctioneer (see Action Comics #842). Of course Superman, Skyrocket and the others later defeat the villain, but it is here that Skyrocket reveals that she is no longer a member of the Power Company. Oracle has since offered an invitation to Celia to become one of her Birds of Prey agents. Working solo now, Skyrocket has many avenues in which to choose from.

Skills and Abilities

Due to her military career, Celia Forrestal is an experienced United States Navy Aviator, trained in survival military weapons and hand-to-hand combat.

Weapons and Equipment

Celia's Argo Harness was an experimental device created by her scientist parents for their company Argo Technologies. The Argo Harness can absorb, convert and redirect any form of energy. Energies such as heat, electromagnetism, and radioactivity can be converted into other forms or store for later use. Celia usually uses the stored energy as bolts of heat, kinetic energy, and electromagnetic fields. The Harness is capable of recharging itself from virtually any type of energy. An attack from any energy source upon the harness would only increase its power.

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