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Jacob Colby appears in the DC comic event, 52.


Jacob Colby was one of the first people to receive superpowers from Lex Luthor's metagene therapy.

Through the Everyman Project, Colby was granted the power of flight and membership onto the new Infinity, Inc., where he took up the mantle of Skyman.

The Original Skyman

The original Skyman was Sylvester Pemberton, also known as the Star-Spangled Kid, who eventually changed his alias and became the leader of Infinity Inc. He met an early demise while fighting a savage Solomon Grundy.

Skyman and Starlight

Skyman survives the 'Rain of the Supermen' in Week 35, during which most of Luthor's Everymen lose their powers and their lives.

Skyman becomes romantically involved with Natasha Irons, Starlight of Infinity Inc. When Natasha realizes that Luthor is up to something, she confides in Skyman and he agrees to help her investigate. In Week 39, While staking out the laboratory of Dr. Laughlin they are almost discovered. Laughlin blows himself, and his entire lab, sky high and Starlight and Skyman would have been discovered by the evil Mercy Graves were it not for Jake's powers of flight.

Demise of Skyman

After they escape, Skyman tells Starlight that he needs to show her something that will "explain a lot," and indeed it does. Skyman leads her into an operating room, where the dead body of Jacob Colby has been cut up. Missing an arm and both legs, it is a gruesome sight. It turns out that Everyman had killed Skyman and had been eating his flesh in order to morph into his form. Everyman had developed a taste for Skyman that just couldn't be sated, and used it to spy on Starlight.

Joined in the All-Star Comics #58 and deceased in Infinity Inc. #51.

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