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Skylark claims to be "the step between god and man".

Skylark is from about a thousand years in the future, and originally traveled to the past because she really liked this period of history.

While in the past, she began to use her powers to cure the sick, saving many people from dying and altering the past. All of her interference sent a ripple through the cosmos, which attracted the attention of the advanced alien race the Ra'Zpiaar.

Once the Ra'Zplaar homed in on earth, they realized that the planet was the home of a "special" thing that they were searching for. Unfortunately, there was already another alien race on earth, also searching for the "special" thing. To keep humanity and the Ky'Oans occupied and out of their way while they searched for the "special" thing, the Ra'Zplaar started a war, giving humanity advanced technology.

Attempting to fix the mess she'd caused, Skylark traveled about thirty years into the future and enlisted the help of Wildstar and Hotwire to once again alter the past.

After multiple attempts, Skylark succeeded in changing the past, and alerting humanity and the Ky'Oans to the Ra'Zplaars plans.

Some suspect that Skylark may be from another universe where she was called Gemini.

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