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The origin of Skyhook is unknown. The abandoned St. Christopher's Church is where he operated from. He would gather runaway or abandoned children and place them in pods.

These pods would cause the children to mutate and grow bat-like wings for them to fly. Skyhook would send these children out to commit robberies for him.

Superman was attempting to locate Jamie, of the runaway children. She was the daughter of Maggie Sawyer, a Metropolis police officer. They found his lair and Skyhook, who was placing Maggie's daughter in a pod. Skyhook took Jamie as a hostage. Maggie fired her gun and wounded Skyhook causing him to fall into a estuary.

Superman rescued 23 of the children. & were still in the pods. Jamie has slightly mutated, but not noticeably. It is unknown about his present whereabouts.

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