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The Sky Hawk is a VTOL aircraft that was first used by G.I. Joe in their war against Cobra in 1984. It is protected with its titanium alloy skin. Its primary weapon is its Twin 20mm Thunderclap Cannons. It is also armed with two Fuselage Mounted Vulcan 20mm Cannons located on both sides of the cockpit. In addition it carries Signal-Processing Air-To-Surface Rockets.

The G.I. Joe Skyhawk is an inexpensive, low-maintenance, and small VTOL craft.  An easy replacement for larger, more high-ticket aircraft, the Skyhawk is an amazing piece of aerodynamic engineering.  Bearing more than a passing resemblance to an insect, the Skyhawk can be quite a plague for enemy forces.  While unable to engage most other aircraft due to its low speed and light armor, the Skyhawk is a buzzing nightmare for ground troops, who are hard-pressed to find the highly-maneuverable craft in their targeting reticule before it's too late.

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