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Redneck was a student at the Xavier institute. Early on, Redneck was one of the students that was under the control of Cassandra Nova, and forced to attack the X-Men. He was freed from this control by the Stepford Cuckoos. Later, Redneck joined Kid Omega as part of the Omega Gang. After the death of mutant fashion designer Jumbo Carnation, the gang went on a kick-enhanced rampage and attacked several humans. Redneck was responsible for burning one of them.

Redneck also assisted the gang during the Riot at Xavier's, and was subdued by Cyclops. Afterward, he was sent to a human prison where he confided in Beast that he could not defend himself against other inmates as his power only allowed him to generate as much heat as a two-bar heater in his forearms. Redneck was one of the many mutants that lost their powers on M-Day.

New Warriors


Vin now has powers as the result of advanced technology and is a member of New Warriors as Skybolt. During his time with the NW Vin very begrudgingly took orders from Night Thrasher. On rare occasions the two would see eye to eye. Certain times Vin has made off-hand remarks about some of his teammates, but he was always loyal in the end. During a mission, the New Warriors began to fight against S.H.I.E.L.D.

When a bomb was activated near Ripcord, Vin dove to save her but neither escaped the blast. It was partially due to Vin's death that the NW agreed to Thrasher's time travel idea in a feeble attempt to resurrect their fallen teammates.


As Redneck

Redneck was one of the lower level mutants who had the power to absorb and generate a buildup of thermo-kinetic energy in his hands and lower arms and then melt or burn anything he touched.

As Skybolt

As Skybolt he wears a variant of Turbo's power-suit made of an osmium alloy. The suit is equipped with various firearms and has flight capacity.

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