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A member of the Mayan people, Sky Witness witnessed Khaji-Da crash into Earth and he ventured into the crater. The scarab attached to him but damage it had sustained allowed him to retain his control and he led his people against the Nahua who were invading their territory. He chased them from the Mayan lands and they went on to establish the Aztec civilization where they paid homage to their enemy as the feathered serpent, Quetzalcoatl. Khaji-Da's med system allowed Sky Witness to rule his people for over 100 years before it could sustain him no longer and it demanded a new host. Knowing that it intended to use a new host to enact its plan, he buries Khaji-Da and himself in his pyramid.

Somehow, he ends up on the Reach homeworld in their tombs and is awakened when he senses Khaji-Da, now bonded to Jaime Reyes, nearby. Wishing to be united with 'his' scarab once again, he begins to stalk Jaime but has to steal a ship to follow him when Khaji-Kai takes him offworld.

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