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Sky Pirate I

Sky Pirate I
The first Sky Pirate is an enemy of Green Lantern Alan Scott, introduced in 1947. He owns the airship "The Flying Dutchman". The airship is positioned next to the intended target, preferably a penthouse apartment, allowing the crew to enter it, strip it of valuables and escape in minimal time. The Air Pirate is also armed with a modified flintlock pistol which fires knockout gas, sufficient to take down the Green Lantern. His hideout is a natural cave in the Catskills mountain range. The pirate feels supremely confident when flying or being far from the ground, even when inside buildings. He has sufficient skill in unarmed combat to face Alan Scott in his prime and also carries a sword.

The Pirate's main weakness is his Terraphobia, a fear of being and/or feeling grounded. He looses confidence and skill when on flat ground or below it. He also has a habit of using elaborate deathtraps to eliminate prisoners like Alan Scott and Doiby Dickles instead of killing them as quickly as possible. Thus giving them time to escape.

Sky Pirate II

 In 1966, Miles Lydecker was top of his class at Metropolis Polytechnic, where he developed a way to use hyper-sonic technology to make things fly. Lydecker fell into an anti-war group, who convinced him to use the technology as a robin hood, stealing from airplanes in mid-flight under the name Sky Pirate. in 1970, Lydecker retired from banditry, deciding to instead focus on helping the poor in developing nations. However, the coming to power of an old enemy, Lawrence Carbo, caused Lydecker to return to the United States and to the Sky Pirate mantle.
Lydecker's return and assault on a corporate holding of Lawrence Carbo in Philadelphia brought him into conflict with the second Black Condor. After escaping once, Lydecker was captured by Black Condor after confronting Carbo. Lydecker was incarcerated shortly after.

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