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Noa is a Sky Doll with a mysterious destiny who seems to have some connection with the banned Agape. Unlike the other mechanized dolls, she possesses an oscillating personality and powers yet to be discovered. She has no problems making friends with Roy, but seems to have a bit more trouble with Jahu.

At the beginning of the story, Noa appears to be just like any other Sky Doll, a product created so that fanatic believers can avoid tainting their souls but still do their She needs rewinding every 33 hours and works at a spaceship-wash stop together with other Sky Dolls. 

After a brief, accidental encounter with the crew of a spaceship, Jahu and Roy, who are emissaries of the church of Ludovica on a diplomatic mission, Noa decides to escape her tyrannical boss and becomes a stowaway in their ship, taking with her a small rat-like creature called Elianthe, a "scrop". Her motivation seems to be a constant feeling of unease with her own self and she wants to understand the reason of her artificial existence. The spaceship finally leaves Papathea, their home-planet, and sets sail for Aqua with Noa on board, much to Jahu's dismay and Roy's enthusiasm. 

In the course of their adventures, it is revealed that indeed Noa's existence has a different purpose and her maker is revealed to be the Spirit of Miracles, a figure much resembling to Jesus, which is an essential co-worker of pope Ludovica but a hidden follower of her counterpart, the murdered/vanished pope Agape. Noa seems to be more than all of them planned though, she is a doll with more spirituality than her flesh-and-bone friends and she decides to set her own course following her heart and away from her creator.

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