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When the X-Men where traveling through space after an encounter with the Phalanx, they unknowingly visited a Skrull planet that was filled Skrulls whom had the sole purpose of duplicating the heroes from earth, and eventually replacing them. The X-Men where discovered and attacked by the Skrulls. They however managed to defeat most Skrulls and return to their space-craft, sending them back to space. The X-Men where put into hibernation at that time to withstand the long travel back home, costing them otherwise months if not years to return. It was however during this time that Skrulls hijacked the plane and captured Wolverine, only to replace him with a Wolverine-looking Skrull imposter.


The Skrull Wolverine imposter first appeared in the pages of Wolverine 139 (although this was not revealed untill after the Skrull Wolverine's death some months later).

Major Story Arcs

Posing as an X-Man

The dead Skrull, still looking like Wolverine

After the Skrull-Wolverine had replaced the real Wolveirne, he joined them back to their base on earth. Skrull-Wolverine sought out the attention of many superheroes, fighting alongside them and, apparently, learning from them in the meantime. Most likely to use this information for the Skrull Empire. Eventually, the X-Men encountered a Horseman of Apocalypse named Death (whom later turned out to be the true but brainwashed Wolverine). The X-Men fought the Horseman and seemingly won. Skrull-Wolverine leaped for the Horseman in order to give him the final blow. It was however then that Skrull-Wolverine was pierced by the blade of the Horseman and died, leaving his 'teammates' in shock.

The Skrull after his return to his original form

After Skrull-Wolverine was brought to the Xavier mansion, professor Charles Xavier found out that it was not actually Wolverine, but a Skrull that had been killed. Xavier immediately understood they had been compromised and used his telepathic abblilites to find out if there where any other Skrull imposters. There where none and the thread seemed to have faded.

Secret Invasion

A new Wolverine-like Skrull made his debut during the Secret Invasion of the Skrull on earth. He fought in the battle on Manhatten Island in New York. What happened to him afterwards is not yet known.

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