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Skrang arrived on Earth and immediately started testing his weaponry against that of the natives. He used a melting ray to turn a nuclear submarine into liquid metal. He easily captured an advanced missile, analyzed its technology and disintegrated it. He was preparing his arsenal for a coming conflict. Electromagnetic forcefields would take care of any enemy aircraft. Sleeping vapors would send entire ground-based armies to sleep. Allowing Skrang to capture them alive. Other rays would destroy skycrapers and leave behind "grotesque remnants".

But when Skrang decided to leave the confines of his spacecraft for a walk, he encountered another pedestrian. Miss Hotckiss, an elderly woman, was wearing a fur collar made of fox fur. Skrang felt terrified and rushed back to his homeplanet. His powerful race shared their native planet with their hereditary enemies, the Fox-People. The latter were considered far more powerful than their rivals and virtually invincible. If Earth humans not only defeated the Fox-People but skinned them and displayed their heads as trophies, Skrang and his race would have had no chance to survive.


The Planet Taker Corps were created by brothers Stan Lee and Larry Lieber and first appeared in "Skrang Strikes Tonight!" in 1964.

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