Check Out Skottie Young's Mutant Sketches

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Skottie Young is a talented guy.  If you haven't been reading Marvel's "The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz," you're really missing out.  It's no wonder that each issue has been selling out.  Skottie's style really creates a special kind of mood in the comics.

He was at the Planet Comicon in Kansas City over the weekned.  On his Twitter, he posted these two images.  Great stuff.

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I love those sketches.  The more of his work I see, the more of a Skottie fan I become.

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I like the Magik one =)

#3 Posted by Captain Cascader (1424 posts) - - Show Bio

Wow, those are badass.

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Too bad Skottie's site fell off.I was on like every day back in High School.

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His New X-Men stuff was lovely.

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Interesting very

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Interesting very

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