Check Out Skottie Young's Cover to NOVA #1

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We've been seeing quite a bit about the new NOVA series this week. On Tuesday we saw a preview for issue #1. Wednesday gave us a black-and-white preview for issue #2. Yesterday we saw a penciled preview for issue #3. You might have been expecting a preview for issue four but considering issue #1 isn't on sale until February 20, that might be expecting too much.

Instead, Marvel has unveiled the Skottie Young variant for the first issue.

I think I'm really going to have to try to track this variant down.

Marvel is pleased to present your first look at superstar Skottie Young’s variant cover to NOVA #1 from the chart-topping, award-winning creative team of Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness! You met Sam Alexander, the all-new Nova, in the pages of last year’s blockbuster hit Avengers VS X-Men—now you’ll learn just how he’s connected to the Guardians of the Galaxy and just why is he the one worthy to carry on the legacy of the Nova Corps!

This February, Jeph Loeb & Ed McGuinness bring the Marvel Universe face to face with Sam Alexander in Nova #1!NOVA #1 (DEC120602)


Written by JEPH LOEB


Variant Cover by SKOTTIE YOUNG

FOC—1/28/13, On-Sale- 2/20/13

#1 Posted by mk111 (3148 posts) - - Show Bio

Skottie Young is awesome!

#2 Posted by Cavemold (1818 posts) - - Show Bio

go skottie

#3 Posted by Trevel8182 (755 posts) - - Show Bio

Awesome work Skottie, You know make this cover even better IF RICHARD RIDER WAS ON IT!!!!

#4 Posted by Overlander (605 posts) - - Show Bio

What a fun cover!

#5 Posted by Mucklefluga (2647 posts) - - Show Bio

Such a darn cool cover

#6 Posted by Scott757 (63 posts) - - Show Bio

Not that I'm complaining (cause I'm not) but Marvel seems to love themselves some Skottie Young right now.

#7 Posted by wmwadeii (3305 posts) - - Show Bio

Let the man do a whole issue

#8 Posted by cyberchop979 (465 posts) - - Show Bio

That is such a fun cover!

#9 Posted by HoodlumNoHavoc (23 posts) - - Show Bio

Dope! Love the man's style!

#10 Posted by dondave (39962 posts) - - Show Bio

Cool cover

#11 Posted by Novemberx2 (503 posts) - - Show Bio

Im so fed up every skottie young covers. it was interesting at first, but now he's his talent has been milked dry

#12 Posted by Jonny_Anonymous (40419 posts) - - Show Bio

another Nova preview? Marvel must be nervous

#13 Posted by PirateJoe (5 posts) - - Show Bio

Sweet cover, waiting for a skottie book.

#14 Posted by The_Hulks_Anger (4 posts) - - Show Bio

Skottie has a kick ass artwork style. A great cover indeed...fingers crossed as well that the series turns out rocking cause this is one on my most anticipated upcoming releases.

#15 Edited by FoxxFireArt (3617 posts) - - Show Bio

I normally hate variant covers that don't match the interiors, but these are an exception.

#16 Posted by Ryther (3 posts) - - Show Bio

These covers are great. Too bad the book cost $4

#17 Posted by LordRequiem (1332 posts) - - Show Bio

That's neither funny nor good.

#18 Posted by Aronmorales (9728 posts) - - Show Bio

Of course it's as amazing as I'd expect it to be, it's Skottie Young!

This Nova picture is awesome-sauce!

#19 Posted by Teerack (9256 posts) - - Show Bio

I get it because the new Nova is a baby!

#20 Posted by VictorVonDoom_1 (143 posts) - - Show Bio

Damn you Nova. Another great reason for me to pick up the book.

#21 Posted by markslurpee (82 posts) - - Show Bio

Nice art, but kind of bland, no?

#22 Posted by notoriousmistersims (92 posts) - - Show Bio

great stuff

#23 Posted by Cavemold (1818 posts) - - Show Bio

@VictorVonDoom_1 said:

Damn you Nova. Another great reason for me to pick up the book.

just for the variant yea

#24 Posted by RedOwl_1 (1743 posts) - - Show Bio

All Skottie Young baby covers are really cute ^3^

#25 Posted by SpitfireINK (243 posts) - - Show Bio

Skottie Young does some fabulous work (sometimes) ... this is not one of those times. (its really only... ok)

The best cover he's done so far is the All New X-Men #1 variant

#26 Posted by The Average Bear (2249 posts) - - Show Bio

@Scott757 said:

Not that I'm complaining (cause I'm not) but Marvel seems to love themselves some Skottie Young right now.

It's hard not to

#27 Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus (6958 posts) - - Show Bio

Any art by Skottie Young rules, and this one's no exception!

#28 Posted by weenman1 (160 posts) - - Show Bio


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