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Skot & Krim bring a sense of recklessness and pride to the later Wolfriders. Their appetites led them into encounters with humans like feral animals, and led Cutter into war.

Skot & Krim thought nothing of safety. Pike looked out after them and defended them at council meetings. The Wolfrieders' ability to "send" caused them headaches, but it was Strongbow who dutifully taught them how.

Strongbow, Skot and Krim became a fighting unit during the war against the Djun in ElfQuest: Shards. But with courageous victories notched in this unit, Strongbow, once an enemy, grew to love these two.

Shortly after the bond between Skot, Krim, and Strongbow was confirmed, Krim became pregnant and Skot died on a burning drawbridge, while the other elves snuck into the citadel-fort.

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