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Edward Cross was tormented as a young boy growing up as a Jew. He was a fierce Zionist defending his heritage but as a man he became what he hated most. The victim of racism became a racist. Edward Cross joined a Nazi skinhead gang and was known as Eddie "The Cross" and had a distinct swastika tattoo on his left cheek. Eddie and his gang went to the Empire State University and vandalized the Afro-American studies building. This led to a conflict with Rocket Racer and Spider Man on the ESU campus. Eddie was cornered in Dr. Swann's lab where he grabbed a container of chemicals. Rocket Racer blasted the bottle with his micro-rocket and the chemical was dumped all over Eddie. The chemical that spilled over Eddie was a failed experimental web fluid that transformed him into a shapeless, formless mass of flesh called Skinhead, the White Redeemer.

Eddie with his new abilities killed some of his fellow skinheads by absorbing them into his body because he felt they lacked the commitment to the cause. Rocket Racer went to Eddie's home in Rego Park, Queens to speak with his father. Eddie appeared and attacked both individuals. Spider Man would shortly arrive and try to fight off Skinhead. During the fight, Spider Man noticed Eddie's skeleton moving inside his skin. Spider Man allowed himself to get absorbed by Eddie so he can attack his skeleton from the inside. With a smashing punch to Eddie's jaw, Spider Man was able to escape and Skinhead's body collapsed. Eddie transformed into his human form when he was knocked unconscious.

Powers & Abilities:
Skinhead can become a shapeless, formless mass of flesh that can move quickly and he kills his enemies by absorbing them into his body. His formless mass can increase in size, become very elastic and is quite durable. His body can withstand small firearms and explosives including Rocket Racer's micro-rocket and even Spider Man's webbing will not stick to his skin. His weakness is his skeleton inside the fleshy mass. When Skinhead was knocked unconscious, Eddie reverted back to his human form.

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