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A decidedly Vertigo spin on one of Green Lantern's strangest foes! Beauty may be only skin deep, but what of evil? Can it be injected under the skin with a drop of colored ink? And what do you call a man who would paint with such a palette? John Oakes found the answer to these questions on the day he met Abel Tarrant, the Tattooed Man. SKIN GRAFT: THE ADVENTURES OF A TATTOOED MAN is the strange and terrible tale of the link that forms between two convicts: Tarrant, the most feared man in prison, and Oakes, whom Tarrant selects to be a living canvas. Soon, Oakes learns that the ominous designs Tarrant has adorned him with are not mere pictures, but magical symbols that can assume malicious life. After his release, Oakes tries to forget the symbiotic bond that was forged with the sinister Tarrant but is soon enmeshed in a chilling mystery involving a mutilated corpse, a beautiful woman, the Japanese underworld and a cunning killer who harvests the tattooed skins of his victims, forcing Oakes to confront the horror of the indelible monsters that live inside his very skin.  

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