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The mutant known only as Sketch was at some point of her life was taken captive by Ransome Sole, and forced to serve him as a slave in his nightclub after discovering she had an ability.

When the X-Men came to the nightclub The Slash in Moscow, Russia to search for Debra Levin who had been missing was taken captive while investigating the club's activities, Ransome Sole forced Sketch create tendrils around the chair in which Levin was strapped, soon Cable, Phoenix and Gambit were all easily taken prisoner.

When Storm was turned over to Ransome Sole by Simyon Kurasov, Sketch was instructed to ensnare her and the other X-Men inside of metal shells while he was going to auction them all as slaves to Tullamore Voge and the Shockwave Riders. However the "Storm" that Kurasov had given Ransome was actually a robot decoy and when the real Storm attacked, Sketch quickly released the other X-Men to help her. Revenant threatened Sketch, but Phoenix defended Sketch. Ultimately, Sketch's captors were all either defeated while the others fled, and she was finally set free.


Sketch was created by Chris Claremont and Adam Kubert in 2000 and first appeared in The Uncanny X-Men # 383.

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