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Proper Japanese Title: Natsu no Sakura (夏の桜)

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 8. "Misaki and Kōtarō" (美咲と光太郎, Misaki to Kōtarō)
  • Chapter 9. "Summer Sakura" (夏の桜, Natsu no sakura)
  • Chapter 10. "Student Council Executive" (生徒会執行部, Seitokai Shikkōbu)
  • Chapter 11. "An Awful Snow Princess" (ヤバ雪姫, Yaba yukihime)
  • Chapter 12. "Even Onihime Has Tears in Her Eyes" (鬼姫の目にも涙, Onihime no me ni mo Namida)
  • Chapter 13. "Finding Pelorin" (ファンディング・ペロリン, Fuandeingu perorin)
  • Chapter 14. "Little Boss Has a Temper" (リトルボスはご機嫌ななめ, Ritoru bosu wa gokiken naname)
  • Chapter 15. "You Mustn't Watch it" (見てはいけない, Mite wa ikenai)
  • Chapter 16. "You Watched it, Didn't You" (見たのね, Mita no ne)
  • Chapter 17. "Don't Watch it" (見るんじゃない, Mirun jyanai)







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