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Proper Japanese Title: Yū Gatta Meeru! (ユーガッタメール)

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 109: You Can't Change Fate (ウンは天にあり Un wa Ten ni Ari)
  • Chapter 110: You've Got Mail! Part 1 (ユーガッタメール! 前編 Yū Gatta Mēru! Zenpen)
  • Chapter 111: You've Got Mail! Part 2 (ユーガッタメール! 中編 Yū Gatta Mēru! Chūhen)
  • Chapter 112: You've Got Mail! Part 3 (ユーガッタメール! 後編 Yū Gatta Mēru! Kōhen)
  • Chapter 113: Vs. Student Council! Battle Q (VS生徒会!バトルQ Bāsasu Seitokai! Batoru Kyū)
  • Chapter 114: Invisible Man Exposed! (透明人間露わる! Tōmei Ningen Arawaru!)
  • Chapter 115: The Manga Girl Goes Wild (漫画乙女は荒野をめざす Manga Otome wa Kōya o Mezasu)
  • Chapter 116: Tsubaki and Daisy (1) (椿と雛菊-① Tsubaki to Hinagiku (Ichi))
  • Chapter 117: Tsubaki and Daisy (2) (椿と雛菊-② Tsubaki to Hinagiku (Ni))







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